Academics of Little Scholars

At DIS, academic is strictly based on CCE pattern that is followed under CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). CCE or Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation deals on making students develope their ability on continuous basis throughout the year in every field along with academics. CCE helps in all round development of student so that they may prepare themselves in every field for future.

Academic Advancement

The depth of the infrastructure available and scope of the academic exposure provided in well structure manner enables each and every student to pursue their academic goals in a stress pre atmosphere. A committed faculty is on hand to guide an assist the students.

Teaching Staff

The school has well trained highly qualified, experienced, highly motivated and a dedicated team of teaching faculty.

The aims of our institution is to be achieve to the best possible academic standards in the examination laid down by existing educational system of CBSE.

The students of pre primary classes are taught by play way method of teaching in an easy and an effective manner.

Attention is given to spoken English, General awareness, Current affairs and Computer education etc.

Our aim is also to inculcate in students to have high moral values and high standards of discipline which includes:-

  1.      Honest in work.
  2.      Courteous in manners.
  3.      Regular in habits.
  4.      Modest in behaviour.
  5.      Respectful to collegues and seniors and above all to be obedient & disciplined.

Co-Educational Institute

DIS ids a co-educational institution by choice not by chance.

We strongly feel that gender discrimination on any basis is a absolutely out of place in today’s world and wish to address this problem in our own way to encourage girl child education. It has got its own importance and need not be much emphasized. The school is well aware of its responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of all students and the girl students and he girl students in particular.

Global Outlook

In today’s globalized world, children, the future leader of the society must learn to live in perfect harmony in diverse circumstances and manner.

This exposure to the diversity of cultures and religions is one of the most precious and priceless opportunities that any student can hope to have during their school days. It helps them to accept the fact that other people may be different from themselves in many ways. A child thus exposed, will strong sense of appreciations and mutual understanding through-out his life.

The Style Of Education at DIS

  1. The school aims to provide modern all – round education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction, as well as physical education and co-operation. Striving for excellence in every field is encouraged.
  2. The medium of instruction is English for all classes from playway on words.
  3. Maximum opportunities will provided the school campus to encourage initiative, self reliance and leadership qualities.

Co-Curricular Activities

The students are encouraged to take active part in cultural activities like, music, drama, debates, drawing, painting, recitation elocution, rangoli, mehandi, competition, salad decoration, story telling ect.

Learning Environment   

It is sad that the social and emotional environment is an invisible teacher. Children react to the environment which is a composite of my factors and particular aspects of the environment effect changes in particular areas of the cognitive development of certain critical points in time and it plays a crucial role in the development process of the child.

Therefore a lot of emphasis is placed in shaping the school environment to be child friendly and child centric.

Exposure To Technologies

As we enter the twenty first century, which is defined by information technology and global independence, today’s academic atmosphere is as much about computer/laptops as it is about laboratories new teaching aids (smart classes) and libraries. We believe technology should be seamlessly woven into the learning process enhancing the curriculum across disciplines and levels and providing students with the skills to use computer technology in ways that will be beneficial for them now in future.

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