No single value, skill or competence however admirable, is sufficient unto itself. We try our best to provide students with the maximum quality we can.

  A tree is known by its fruits but undoubtedly its strength is characterized by its roots.


Our mission:

  1. To Nurturing leadership qualities and skills in student from the deep root school is the best anvil to mould children And the school logo “ Internal implement through education “ is also a encouragement to our students , we also believe in review of the moral values ,  social values and self values on students.
  2. To widen the child’s opportunities for the highest level of cognitive , physical , emotional and aesthetic growth , while cultivating multiple intelligences along with problem – solving skills. We do celebrate achievements no matter how small it is.

Our Vision is to shape a life long learner who will succeed in and contribute to the global community. I strongly believe that each student is unique with a potential which we are reading and given a caring environment

Our motto is to ‘Turn everyday event into learning opportunities’.
As the students are the jewels, who within waiting to be unearthed and burnished.

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