The opportunities presented during childhood years are essentially of prime importance in the overall scheme of imparting value based education to the young and it will impinge on the on the final outcome. The success of school should not be counted by the quantity of the students it is able to produce per annum, but in the quality of the scholarship being imparted by it and its impact on the students.

Generally school is the place where children are sent for the purpose of learning the fundamentals of the education & gather knowledge. It is the responsibility of educators to ensure that the children have the ideal setting to do so successfully. Parents also have a duty to evaluate the institution in which they wish to place their children, because that single decision will have an impact on the child's future performance in life.

·         Little Scholars epitomizes the vision of making learning meaningful, collaborative and immensely enjoyable.

·         A modern day school and furnished with state of the art facilities and services to the students to provide holistic education and enable full development of their personality.

·         It seeks to provide a happy and supportive environment that nurtures the individual abilities of the children; allows them to think independently and innovatively, take their own initiative and actively participate in the learning process.

·         In addition to a strong emphasis on attaining high standards of academic achievement, a kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, community involvement programs and school events encourage Exploration, Innovative Problem Solving, Independent Expression and Decision Making enabling the students to become more informed, confident and active learners .

·         It seeks to provide pastoral care programme for ongoing development of staff- student, and student- student relationships.

·         It seeks to promote strong links with the parents; to keep them well informed and work together with them to evolve pertinent strategies to bring out the children's full potential.

·         A well-qualified faculty with extensive experience to provide the students with excellent learning environment; currently the school has approximately 50 teachers and administrative staff.

·         It provides a broad and varied curriculum: the students  opt for CBSE to meet their different academic requirements later in life.

·         Besides developing specific skills and competencies, the curriculum enhances thinking skills, spirit of inquiry, creativity, planning and other skills needed to meet the challenges of future.

·         A wide range of co- curricular activities including sports, nature trips, arts, crafts and exploratory excursions are organized to provide a wholesome experience and development of student potential.

·         Our students have actively participated and won prizes at various sports and other competitions held at state and national level.

·         It stresses on parent–School partnership and affords opportunities for a regular communication and interaction between the School and the Parents about the progress of the child.

·         It aims to provide a high quality, safe and secure transportation service for the students.

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